how it all felt.

my goal is to tell your story by capturing all the beautiful things, but more importantly -

aaahhh, you're getting married! congratulations! i love to document moments as they're happening and i would be honored to document your wedding story. why are you getting married in the first place? more than likely, it's because you're head over heels, crazy in love with each other, right? and if you've got love on your wedding day, that is really all you need for your day to be magical. i most love documenting the happy tears, the raw, the sweet simple, often overlooked moments. i aim to make photographs that make you feel all the feels now and bring you right back to those moments later on when you look back at your images 5, 10, 15, 20+ years from now. i will be with you through all the emotions of your celebration, i’ll be your friend, i’ll probably be tearing up behind the camera watching you two take the first step into a new chapter, and i’ll more than likely dance with you at your reception!

why weddings?

i’m a documenter of love and it doesn't matter if you're it's just you and your lover getting hitched or you're planning a 300+ wedding, i truly enjoy these celebrations! i’ve had many side hustles along the way and all of them have had ties to weddings. i have worked at a bridal salon helping brides pick out their dream dress. i worked at a tuxedo rental agency where i fitted people for tuxes. i’ve made cakes for weddings, i have been a wedding coordinator, invitation maker, makeup artist, and even a bartender for weddings! all of this experience helps me assist in timeline planning as well! there was a time when i said i would never photograph weddings because i was so afraid of the pressure, but i have come to find that i'm in love with witnessing love and raw moments from these big days! i love photographing weddings so much that i also work as a 2nd + associate photographer for other wedding photographers in order to continue learning and growing in my art.

i want to capture some magic for you.

magic to me is...

realness. like, the real, real. i believe in it. no pretend emotions. i believe that your love and magic shines most when you're free of expectations of what the images of your story "need" to look like. after all, it is your story, not anyone else's. your wedding day will not be the same as the next couple's. you are uniquely you -- that is what is magical to me and that is what i love capturing.

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we could be a good fit if...

  • you consider yourselves fun and loving people and appreciate raw and real moments
  • you need a photographer who supports, assists, and documents your vision
  • you love a timeless + perfectly imperfect feel and want to look back at your images to see true to life, not overly edited colors, from your day

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