hi, i'm arlene...

i'm a lover of love, fun, and nostalgia. i’m a 30-something human, wife, mama, and lifestyle photographer living in the east bay area, ca. i’m married to my best friend, paul. we have a spirited seven year old named penny and a wild five year old named ollie. i enjoy long quiet walks up and down target aisles. i like to diy (seriously, i’m always like, “i can make that!”). i sing really loudly and dance pretty crazy when i'm in a good mood (and to embarrass my husband). i love to cook and try new recipes. i’m obsessed with kids fashion. i love supporting small shops and appreciate handmade things. my dream is to own a novelty boutique filled with fun, creative, handmade, and local things and build a photo studio in the back. i’m a sucker for a beautiful sunset. i love a good cup (or two) of coffee or boba. i’m more dorky than i am hip. i’m an introvert-turned-extrovert within a few minutes of meeting, and i sometimes laugh like a hyena :)

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my why

i love to capture connections, family interaction, kids curiosities, and self love. looking back at photographs of my childhood, i see many posed photos of me in a pretty dress, with a forced smile, staring at the camera. while i am thankful i have these photos to look back on (and remember that awkward forced smile of mine), i felt like most were lacking authenticity, action, feelings, real life. there were not very many of myself or my family just being us and doing what we do. not having these memories really made me want to capture everything, especially after becoming a mother. documenting my kids' emotions, curiosity, personality, and their crinkly noses is why i do what i do. i'm happy-go-lucky and love to have fun (and we will have fun!), but i know that sometimes there are scrapes and teardrops, and i want to photograph those authentic moments too. i’m here to capture the real in your everyday to preserve this time in your lives, so that when you look back on your images, they’ll spark nostalgia, putting you right back in those moments.

arlene easterwood photography bay area wedding elopement family photographer

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