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Hi, I'm New Here!

Hey hey! Let me start by saying, I’m new here. Meaning I’ve never blogged before. I’m not a blogger (yet). Well, let me take that back. I did TRY to start a baking blog a few years ago, but fell off about two posts in. I always said to myself, “who the heck is interested in what I have to share?” My nervousness to put myself out there really held me back, and still holds me back sometimes, but I’m ready to challenge myself and do this now! :) I actually meant to start my blog on the first of the year (and I had most of this written in November), but with my dad’s passing in December, being pregnant, and getting over the craziness of the holidays, my brain was in such a fog. Since I’m expecting a new little babe to join my family in early April, I’m taking a little break from photographing families until the Summer. I need something to keep me going until then, so I figured what better time to start up my blog?

[Photos taken of my little family in our neighborhood park - River Park, Vallejo CA. special thank you to my friend,  amrita , for snapping these <3]

[Photos taken of my little family in our neighborhood park - River Park, Vallejo CA. special thank you to my friend, amrita, for snapping these <3]

So, since this is my first post, let me introduce myself and tell you a little about me and my family. Hi, my name is Arlene. I live in the Bay Area with my husband, Paul, and our 2 year old, Penny. Paul and I were best friends for about 10 years before we finally decided to take that next step. Best. Decision. Ever. <3 Paul has his Monday through Friday 9-to-5, but also has an online shop of leather goods he hand makes himself. He’s pretty talented (shop HERE). Penny is a very fun, friendly, and hip little girl who has figured out the perfect times to use the word ‘no’ *insert eye-roll*. I’m a goofy, fun, and easy-going kinda gal, but I’m also passionate and stand up for myself. I try to demonstrate positivity, optimism, and resilience always, and especially in front of my daughter. On the weekends you’ll find us either day tripping to cities we’ve never been (or have been to 100 times) to explore, shopping, or hanging out at home binge watching a show on Netflix with a bag of kettle chips.


Before photography…well lets rewind even further back. After high school, my goal was to become a nurse - typical Filipino parent’s dream for their kid. I started pre-reqs for it, then decided, nah, I want to go to school for pharmacology. Well, the desire to become a pharmacist died, and I went back to school to become a nurse. I must’ve really NOT wanted to work in the healthcare field because I dropped that again. I ended up working as a Program Specialist for a mental health and substance abuse agency for about 8 years. I married Paul in 2014, got pregnant with Penny in 2015 and made the tough decision to become a stay at home mom. Shortly after having Penny, I had a small online shop selling handmade kids hair bows. I loved it! I shut down my business (so bittersweet!) as my love for photography and eagerness to learn more about it grew. I worked for another photographer for a few months, which was definitely a learning experience for me with lots of lessons learned. I realized that working for someone else is not what I want to do. I finally put my big-girl panties on and decided to work on starting my own photography business. There were many tears, frustrations, lots of questioning myself if I’m making the right decision, lots of “Am I good enough? Can I really do this? I’m not good enough.” It was mentally draining, but exciting at the same time and I’m thrilled to have made the decision to do this!

[If you haven’t been to my  hello page , head over there to read more fun-facts about me!]

[If you haven’t been to my hello page, head over there to read more fun-facts about me!]

Originally, I wanted to start a blog to only share sessions that I’ve photographed, but I want to share more! I don’t feel the need to separate the two because I want you guys to get to know me, know my life *and new journey with two littles*, see the things I’m interested in, the places I’m going, and the things i’m feeling. I want you to read about the good, the bad, the sad, the exciting going on in my life, along side my professional work - the work I love to do; capturing beautiful souls and faces.


So here it is, my first post. Go easy :) And if you want to follow along my journey, see some sessions, find out about events coming up, promos, etc., subscribe at the bottom of the page!