Eric + Empee + Cleo

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Empee and Eric got married in Hawaii in April. This is not Hawaii. And these were taken in June. Wondering why they got all dressed up again a couple months later? Because their fur baby, Cleo, couldn’t make it to their destination wedding and they wanted to celebrate with her too! So when Empee reached out to me with what she wanted, there was no way I could say no. I mean, how could you not want to photograph a couple in their wedding day outfits and an adorable pup.

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having photos taken back at home also meant that they got to have more photos taken of just them two without super strict wedding day time restraints. 

Empee's Haku lei and Eric's boutineer by  whiskey and ti leaf .

Empee's Haku lei and Eric's boutineer by whiskey and ti leaf.

I played their wedding song and I didn't even need to direct. I was pretty much in tears watching them dance and we were literally only ten minutes into the session. They are just so sweet.

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Congratulations Eric and Empee!

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