2019 mini session info guide

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a quick thanks to you!

Thank you so much for choosing me for your session! My approach to documenting couples, families, and individuals is not to give too much direction, but instead to just have fun with you guys and allow you to be yourselves. Having yourselves photographed with a more natural approach gives me the opportunity to capture those authentic moments and details from this time in your lives for you to remember. My inspiration comes from people just like you and being able to capture your special connections and uniqueness. I can’t wait to spend some time with you!

also, portion of your booking fee goes to everytown for gun safety, so thank you for joining in the movement to end gun violence!

so, where do we meet?

sunday, September 22nd | downtown Pittsburg
meet me in the parking lot behind new Mecca cafe (324 Railroad Ave, Pittsburg, CA 94565)

sunday, September 22nd | Markham nature park, concord
map to markham nature park - 1202 La Vista Ave, Concord, CA 94521 and i’ll meet you right in the parking lot.

Saturday, October 12th | Berkeley rose garden
map to 1200 Euclid Ave, Berkeley, CA 94708 and i’ll meet you by the Berkeley rose garden sign (you can’t miss it). fyi - street parking only!

saturday, October 12th | port of oakland
map to middle harbor shoreline park - 2777 Middle Harbor Rd, Oakland, CA 94607 and i’ll meet you near the roundabout in the parking lot. i’ll send you an exact pin of where I parked the day of!

sunday, October 20 | hidden lakes park, Martinez
map to hidden lakes park - Morello Ave & Chilpancingo Pkwy, Martinez, CA 94553 and i’ll meet you near the volleyball sand pit.

sunday, October 20 | Benicia state park
map to benicia state park - 1 state park road, benicia, ca 94510. you can find parking right when you enter the park booth (I will take care of your fee).

what to expect on session day

  • we will meet and say our hellos! anything you don’t want in the photos can go into my backpack and we will get started!

  • expect me to be a goofball. warning, i may laugh like a hyena :)

  • i play “games” with my families. meaning, i may give you some prompts, if needed, in order to capture an authentic reaction/emotion.

  • warning: a potty word or two may come out. for example: “poop” or “fart”. they make for some great laughs for the kids.

  • i will definitely get traditional posed family/solo portraits, but i love to capture the natural moments. i want to photograph you guys being you! so really, do whatever it is you guys do together to get everyone engaged. i try to give minimal direction aside from the prompts i may give you.

  • in addition to photographing you at a comfortable distance, i’ll also be close up and far away so don’t be surprised if i’m up in your face or hiding behind a tree :)

  • be prepared for lots of laughs, kisses, snuggles, and tickles!

tips for our time together

  • plan to arrive about ten minutes early. this will give some time to do any last minute quick fixes with your hair, clothes, and will also give me a chance to get kids to warm up to me a little.

  • relax! i’m chill, you’re chill, we’re all chill. its awkward having your photos taken, but just remember these are for you to enjoy and look back on, so just take a deep breath, it’s a no pressure vibe :)

  • if you hate having your photos taken, you’re gonna have to suck it up, and i’m saying that in the nicest way possible :) make it enjoyable for yourself and your family. have fun!

  • if you’re bringing kids, make sure they are fed! happy bellies, happy babes!

  • feel free to have some music, songs, dances, jokes, games, or stories ready that you know will engage everyone!

  • show love. that means, show your parents/siblings/kids love whatever that may look like (arms around each other, holding hands, head on shoulder). same goes for your significant others - hand holding, being close, smooches. show your love for each other all session long!

  • capturing your children’s other moods and personalities are great to remember in photos too! so if someone is having a meltdown, making a funny face, fell and scraped their knee, or being difficult, just know i may snap those moments too!

  • bribery for the kids: i love it! but keep those snacks and goodies in your bag or car until after we’re done or towards the end of our session. keep in mind that snacks can be messy, so crumbs and any toys you bring may end up being in every photo, but if you’re okay with it, so am i!

  • if your children are testing limits, try to keep your energy light by smiling and laughing.

  • have fun and be yourselves!

what do i wear?

  • wear what’s comfortable for you, but something that looks put together. you want to be able to move around a little! try on different outfits and feel confident in what you’re wearing. if you’re uncomfortable, it may show in photos and i definitely want to capture your best selves!

  • think coordinate, not match! when everyone is wearing the same white top with jeans, it can end up looking bland. play with your outfits!

  • patterns are great, but if everyone is wearing a pattern, your photos may end up looking a little busy. i do love a good mixing of patterns throughout the family and there’s a way to do this nicely by choosing subtle patterns and mixing them with color rich tones.

  • if you’re not a fan of mixing patterns, have one person wear a pattern, and try to find colors in that pattern for the other participants to wear.

  • pops of color! include them for some fun!

  • for some outfit inspiration, check out this pinterest board or this one for some looks i’m loving!

after our session

  • we laughed, we played, we had a good time! we will end our session with me saying thank you about ten times (haha), goodbyes, high fives, hugs, and a little gift for the littles.

  • i will go home and think about all the fun we had and hopefully you’ll do the same :)

  • i will edit and create a watermarked gallery of your best images emailed to you within 14 business days of our session. from there you can choose your favorite ten included in your session package. I will have options for purchasing more images/you entire gallery.

  • i may post a sneak peek or two on my social media, so don’t forget to follow me on instagram and facebook!

  • your gallery will have a “shop” tab where you will be able to purchase prints, cards, and other fun things!

that’s it!

I look forward to seeing you! if you need to get a hold of me, my contact info is included in the email. thank you so much for allowing me to create some beautiful memories for you and your family!